Beginning with Video

Stories are the heart of evangelism. The story of God we meet in scripture. Our own stories of life with God: the struggle, the loneliness, the authentic, the resurrection. And other people’s stories, where they may not have even seen God but you see God and can help them to find their own words and relationship.

Jeremy Tackett

Digital Evangelist of the Episcopal Church

Five things to do:

Four things to Avoid

Helpful Tools

Canon DSLR EOS 70D

This new cannon has smooth transition technology that allows for easy capturing of videos in live view.

Zoom H1 audio recorder

Great things come in small packages.

Rode VideoMic

Now with a directional mic, you can capture exactly what you need to. Windshield included.

Osmo Steady Cam Phone-Holder

This is the top of the line in camera holding technology. No more jumpy shots.

Filmic Pro

Edit your film with style! Flimic Pro lets you make professional grade videos.


Powerful Multi Track Video Editing on the go. What else needs to be said? This has it all.