Growing in Faith: God, My Local Church, and Technology​

Fort Wayne // March 13-14

An eFormation weekend of digital tools, resources, and hands-on workshops.

Hosted by:
Trinity English Lutheran Church,
Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana,
Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary


Friday, March 13th

Friday evening’s gathering will include different speakers, each giving 10-minute presentations on how technology has shifted their ministry. These pop-up conversations provide different access points into efforts including mental health, collaboration, community outreach, and Christian education. A pop-up speaker panel will answer questions from the group and share more stories on how their experiments shifted their approach to their local church.  

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Linda Buskirk: Grace and Gratitude through Stewardship 
This workshop will focus on different ways to celebrate gratitude, the spirituality of giving, different types of giving (annual, capital, planned), ideas for building relationships, and what a year long calendar of stewardship-related activities might include.  

Makayla Tedder: Keeping your Website Fresh: best practices and how-tos 
Your website is the front door to your church—how to keep it welcoming and inviting. Simple tips and tricks for a stronger web presence.
Terri Bays: Using Tradition to Frame Ministry with Your Community
From a small urban parish where she uses opportunities like Rogation observation, Soup After School, Chili Cookoffs to bring the community together (in an Asset Based Community Development approach) AND form or teach them along the way.

Sarah Stonesifer: Why your Church needs you to Curate
In a sea of internet searches, YouTube videos and misinformation – your church community needs to you to curate the best faith resources!  In this workshop, Sarah will share tips, advice, and practical examples to make you a better curator, helping the people you serve.

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Stephen Bailey : Facebook and your Community
Stephen J Bailey has owned PH Digital since 2006 and works extensively in all aspects of social media. Over the years, Facebook has evolved from a social platform to a powerful resource for connection and information in communities and the business world. Find out how to connect with your audience without overwhelming them and learn tips about how to have a robust channel that not only represents your brand but connects with your community and raises awareness about the things going on in your world.
Matthew Cowden: The Urban Abbey: Inside Church Growth
Expanding the church community, online and in person, includes adapting ancient monastic models to our contemporary context…participants will learn church growth models rooted in Christian spiritual practices, be invited to consider practical applications to adapt to their context and challenged to implement a focus on core constituents in their communities.
Sarah Stonesifer: Seasonal Hybrid Faith Formation
How can we push hybrid faith formation into the home during certain seasons? Sarah will share some already-created programs to adapt for your faith communities: online, in-person, or within individual households. Looking for options for Lent, summer, Advent or Epiphany? You’ll walk away with some great options to adapt for your formation needs!
Gary Erdos: You, too, Can Have Bible Study on Zoom!

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Christopher Hillak: Evangelism through Communications
In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how dioceses, parishes, and individuals can utilize communication tools to evangelize to their neighbors and share the way of love.
Christopher Decatur: Baptized for Life: Gathering Community via Technology
Sarah Stonesifer and Erin Kircher: Faith at Home: Technology, Family Traditions and Opportunities to Share Faith
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