Fort Wayne // October 26-27

Explore the intersection between formation, communications, and 21st century technology in a hands-on 2-day experience.

Hosted by Trinity English, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Friday Night Conversation + Discussion

Stained Glass and Gifs: Themes on Building Community In-Person and Online

The American religious landscape has changed dramatically over the last twenty-five years since the birth of the internet. Rapid advances in digital technologies have and continue to rewire the way we connect, experience community, live out our faith, and share the Gospel. How can ministry leaders can respond to form faith, build community, serve others, and share the Gospel in this new context? Sarah Stonesifer and Keith Anderson will share stories and wisdom from ministry leaders from around the church, and offer practical examples of how we can share the Gospel and meaningfully God and others in both local and digital gathering spaces where we live our lives today.

Sarah Stonesifer and Keith Anderson

Colleagues in Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary


Slot 1: 9:45am

Empowering Leaders for Digital Ministry

There are so many possibilities in using digital technology like social media, blogs, and podcasts in parish ministry. However, there never seems to be enough time or resources to make it happen. Here’s the good news: you don’t need to know how to tweet, edit video, or produce a podcast to help your congregation have a meaningful digital presence.

Keith Anderson

Keith is associate pastor at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church in Ambler, PA. He is also co-editor of BuildingFaith.
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Communication as Formation

How can the communications office and the faith formation/Christian education office work together? 21st-century models of formation require reaching beyond the Sunday school hour but can put a strain on the communications leaders. Learn how to increase faith formation within your communications channels and vice versa.

Sarah Stonesifer

Digital Missioner in Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary. Her focus is on digital outreach, resources and training for thoughtful, innovative Christian formation for all ages.
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Social Media 101 for Churches

Church communications of today rely on understanding the “why” and “how” of utilizing social media platforms. Learn how churches of all sizes and budgets can learn to create, develop, and maintain an innovative image using today’s social media.

Stephen J. Bailey


Slot 2: 11:15am

Strengthening the Internal Links

Gary Erdos, Makayla Tedder, Judy Heiser

Colleagues in Ministry at Trinity English Lutheran Church

RemedyLive: The River of Pain

How can the church use technology to go deeper with its congregants and collect data along the way to help shape solutions for the problems they face? Join Clinton Faupel, CoFounder and Executive Director of RemedyLIVE, as he shares how polling and interactive teaching has helped him create an atmosphere of transparency by using simple text messaging to get people talking. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice with some of the technology during the session.

Clinton Faupel

Interactive Communicator, Cofounder and Executive Director of RemedyLIVE
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Slot 3: 1:15pm

The Right Kind of Media Attention

Join former television reporter/anchor Sara Schaefer to learn more about how to get the media’s attention with appropriate news releases, story ideas and event information. Earned media is a valuable and cost-effective tool for congregations of all sized to know how to use.

Sara Schaefer

Community Development Manager,
Trinity English Lutheran Church, Ft. Wayne Indiana
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#AdventWord is a global prayer network, focused on gathering Christians around the themes of Advent using a daily image and meditation leading up to Christmas. You’ll walk away learning more about #AdventWord, experiencing its liturgical meditations, and knowing how you can bring it to your faith community!

Sarah Stonesifer and Keith Anderson

Colleagues in ministry at Virginia Theological Seminary
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