Flagship Gathering 2018

Virginia Theological Seminary January 12-13

Connecting you with the resources, community, and expertise to bring faith-filled leadership and 21st century digital media for ministry experience for your faith community.

About the event

Friday, January 12th, Leadership Summit convened conversations on:

  • Faith Formation in the 21st Century
  • Digital Literacy and/as Religious Leadership
  • Digital Fatigue 
  • Congregations and Change in the Digital Age

Friday evening’s Mind-Brain Education Masterclass  shared the latest in educational neuroscience research with educators and communicators.

Saturday, January 13, workshops brought in nationally-known leaders who are at the forefront of digital media for ministry. Some of the workshops are available for distance viewing and learning. 

January 12th

Leadership Summit 1

Lettie Pate Evans Room

9:15 AM

Leadership Summit 2

Lettie Pate Evans Room

11:00 AM

Leadership Summit 3

Lettie Pate Evans Room

1:15 PM

21st Change for 21st Century Congregations

Jason Chesnut
Jenn DiFrancesco
Alex Dyer

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Leadership Summit 4

Lettie Pate Evans Room

3:00 PM

Run and Do Not Grow Weary: Acknowledging and Managing Digital Fatigue

Keith Anderson

Keith is a Pastor, prolific author, and teacher
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Mind/Brain Education Masterclass

Adison Academic Center

6:00 pM

January 13th


Workshops designed for today's religious communities.

9:15-10:30am Workshops

Dispelling the Myths of Social Media

Wouldn’t we all love it if social media was fast, easy and instantly effective? Wouldn’t it be great if you posted it and they just came?

Michael Gewecke

Brian's life's work and passion has been at the intersection between technology and church.
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Using Digitally Enabled and Digitally Connected Tools, Methods, and Resources in Faith Formation with All Ages

This workshop selects and presents the best approaches for integrating digital strategies into faith formation. Learn how to use ...

John Roberto

The coordinator and genius behind vibrantfaith.org and lifelongfaith.com
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10:45am-12:00pm Workshops

Integrating Money, Mission and Media

We have begun to see the contours of effective digitally-integrated stewardship practices emerge. In this workshop, Keith Anderson will present these trends and learnings using his congregation's 2017 “Changed Lives Change the World” stewardship campaign as a case study.

Keith Anderson

Keith is a Pastor, prolific author, and teacher
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Creating Dynamic Visual Presentations

Steve will share his workflow for creating digital illustration that creates a dynamic, storyboard-style presentation for sermons and classroom. This workshop will cover the integration of digital illustration on the iPad, Photoshop, Logos Bible Software, PowerPoint and Prezi.

Steve Thomason

Steve is a teacher, pastor, artist, and master story teller
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Trying Everything: Real Experiences of Digital Evangelism

What works in one place won't necessarily work in another. This is why you need to try everything. In this workshop, Lorenzo will...

Lorenzo Lebrija

Lorenzo Lebrija is a priest in the Diocese of Los Angeles where he serves as the Bishop's officer for Development.
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Leading Hybrid Faith Formation: Increasing participation in person and online

If you’re looking to “flip” your faith formation classroom or otherwise combine in-person gatherings with online/at-home faith practices, this is the workshop for you.

Kyle Matthew Oliver

Kyle is a Ph.D student, assistant priest, and Digital Wizard
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1:45-3:00pm Workshops

Digital Ministry is Real Ministry: virtual realities and real virtualities

what does it mean to do real ministry in an overwhelmingly digital world? This workshop will look at the trajectory of communications technology in the church and explore five tips for real ministry in a digital world.

Jim Keat

Jim lives at the intersection of strategy, ideas, and education in NYC.
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Latinos, Social Media, and the Church: An Overview

This workshop will present practical ideas on how to use technology and social media to reach Latino audiences by: (1) showing demographics about how Latinos in the U.S. compare to others in their use...

Hugo Olaiz

Hugo mixes strategic thought, scholarship, and video production to serve the church.
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Theology by Design: A Practical Approach to Design Thinking for Congregations

Bethany Stolle

Bethany is an entrepreneur, design expert, and master story teller.
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Workshops via Webinar

Can't make it in person to eFormation at VTS?
You have the option of attending 6 workshops via live webinar!

Take a look at the webinar option

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