Online at VTS // June 7

Second Annual Online June Conference


Workshops - Morning

Social Media 101

Are you a new communicator wondering where to begin? Join us as we chat about strategy, audiences, social media best practices, and compelling storytelling, while sharing resources to help align your social media efforts with your mission and ministry.

Workshop 1

10am Thursday, June 7

Elizabeth Panox-Leach and Charis Bhangianathan

From Gutenberg to Google: Figuring Out How to Make the Church Tech Again

This presentation will walk participants through the history of technology use for the kingdom from times past up through the thrilling and alarming uses of today. With an eye for embracing our anxieties or fear along with our excitement, we seek to engage and grapple with how and whether technologies can be used to practice our faith. At the end of our time together, we want attendants to have let go of (at least some) of their fears and tempered their enthusiasm around the incorporation of technology into the sacred space.

Workshop 2

11:15am Thursday, June 7

Shamika Goddard and Kenji Kuramitsu
Affinity Groups
Gather with eFormation Leaders and your community to discuss what matters

Affinity Group 1 12:30pm - 1:30pm

A place to discuss the ways online tools & communication can enhance your formation programs

Communicators in diocese, congregations and organizations to discuss their work in the context of the context offerings

Shamika Goddard and Kenji Kuramitsu will be answering questions after their workshop

Not sure if any of the other groups are for you? Join this one!

Affinity Group 2 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Join the Building Faith co-editors as they explore more questions and applications after their workshop

Society of Friends members and those interested!

Implications for reaching adult and older congregation members within your faith community

Not sure if any of the other groups are for you? Join this one!

Trying to bring worship out of the confines of the in-person service?

Workshops - afternoon

Workshop by Ian Kelleher and Glenn Whitman

Mind Brain Education Masterclass

Every day, every student and adult learner needs a teacher who understands the research behind how the brain works, learns, and thrives. The co-authors of Neuroteach: Brain Science and the Future of Education want to use this session to share an evolving professional growth pathway based on the latest research in the interdisciplinary field of mind, brain, and education science (MBE). Participants will explore the different ways MBE research can inform, validate, and transform how you design a class or sermon and work with each individual to maximize his or her potential.

Workshop 3

1:45pm Thursday, June 7

Ian Kelleher and Glenn Whitman,
Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning

Curation + Formation

Matthew Kozlowski and Charlotte Hand Greeson have been curating resources – holding up the best of practical Christian formation – for years. Curation is a primary mission of their website Building Faith ( In this workshop, Matthew and Charlotte will share tips, advice, and practical examples to make you a better curator, helping the people you serve.

Workshop 4

3pm Thursday, June 7

Matthew Kozlowski and Charlotte Hand Greeson,