June 5 // All-online

Third Annual Day of Online Workshops and Affinity Groups


Workshops - 10:15-11:15am

Workshop led by Margie Baker and Sarah Stonesifer

Faith Formation and Coaching

Coaching in a parish context often means a coach working individually with a clergy person, helping them to identify goals, build on strengths, and take action. The coaching model can also be effective within a parish, with clergy and/or lay leaders using coaching methods to empower volunteers to fulfill the mission of the church and to embody their baptismal covenant in a sustainable, contextualized way.


Learn how the coaching model can be implemented in faith formation and volunteer management.

Workshop by Scott Gunn and Hugo Olaiz

Holy Spirit + Current Events = Innovation

Often, current events provoke in us a desire to respond to perceived need. We see something is happening, but we’re not sure what to do. In the last few years, Forward Movement has responded several times to news developments with speed and innovation. Ahead of the 2016 election, Forward Movement invited the church to prayer with social media and other resources. Seeing a divided nation and a need for formation around immigration and border issues, they created a discussion guide and brief curriculum for free download. Scott Gunn and Hugo Olaiz will talk about their process for creating responsive resources in an agile way. In addition to a couple of case studies from Forward Movement, they’ll provide some tips for ways your church or organization can create resources quickly for your context.


Learn why theological reflection is important during this day and age, and how we can do it quickly to promote formation and reflection in our congregations and communities.

Workshops - 11:30am-12:30pm

Workshop led by Shamika Goddard and Hannah Soldner

Using Technology to Disrupt Toxic Christianity: How New Forms of Engagement can Amplify the Voice of Progressive People of Faith

In recent times, technology has been adopted early and often by conservatives and alt-right Evangelicals whose message is generally poised against the marginalized whom Jesus would have stood with. However, equipped with instruments such as social media, mobile apps and live streaming platforms like Twitch, Christianity’s left are no longer the laggards. Join us as we discuss how to change the theological tide with technology.


Hear from e-ucharist on how the developers create community and respond to the needs of Christians worldwide.

Workshop led by Kyle Oliver and Stacy Williams-Duncan

Hybrid Spiritual Habits Supporting Healthy Ministry Leaders

This workshop will re-introduce the eFormation Learning Community to seven Digital Literacies for Ministry and explore their significance for leadership of faith communities. We will share findings from our most recent research, including insights about how older adults bring significant resources to digital ministry. Using resources from the newly redesigned Digital Literacy Toolkit, we will guide participants through an interactive exploration of their own digital and spiritual practices.


Reflect on 21st-century skills for ministry and how to incorporate them into any ministry focus.
Breakout and discussion
Gather with eFormation community to discuss what matters

This Zoom meeting will allow for breakout groups based off of interests and questions. Participant-directed, this hour will provide opportunity for audio and video discussion and interaction. 

Possible breakout groups include: children’s/family ministry, digital faith, youth ministry, volunteer management, preaching, and worship. 


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