Keith Anderson

Associate Pastor, Upper Dublin Lutheran Church
Digital Associate and Building Faith Co-Editor, Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary

The Rev. Keith Anderson is a pastor ordained in the ELCA—and a popular author and speaker on how our digitally-integrated and networked culture shapes faith and the practice of ministry. Keith’s work focuses on the understanding and use of social media and digital technologies for ministry, ministering in a culture of increasing religious non-affiliation, and extending ministry and the Gospel beyond our church buildings into local and digital gathering spaces.

Keith is a pastor at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church in Ambler, Pennsylvania, and he is the author of The Digital Cathedral: Networked Ministry in a Wireless World (Morehouse, 2015) and co-author with Elizabeth Drescher of Click2Save Reboot: The Digital Ministry Bible (Church Publishing, 2018), the second edition of their popular book. Keith is also the Associate for Digital Content for Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary.

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