Looking at the Data: Analysis of Diocese and Annual Conference Social Media Presence

Jacob Turner provided analysis on Episcopal diocesan and United Methodist Annual Conference social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) usage and accounts. As a follow-up, he published numbers on TEC and UMC youth presence on social media. The data asks for a deeper dive into how mainline denominations can begin to keep up with and use these powerful communication tools.

Faith Communities Should Consider:

  • Be consistent in naming - make sure it’s the same for website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other usernames.
  • Your social media channels can be embedded in your website so that it automatically keeps the online presence updated!
  • Open House v. Dinner Party: use a Facebook page as the outward-facing presence. Use a Facebook group for community-focused news and requests.
  • Don’t forget about Safe Church (Episcopal) or Safe Sanctuaries (Methodist) translate into online spaces as well. You can even use the same principles for ensuring safety for authorized posting and admin usage.
  • Grow your social media presence through word of mouth! Remember to advertise that you have those channels!