Social Media Sunday

how tech savvy are you? How tech savvy is your church?

7 Ideas for Social Media Sunday


the Sunday worship music on Facebook, or through email newsletter.


of the devices as part of the worship prayers.


the worship service, if you have video cameras in your worship space or can set one up. Popular platforms for live-streaming are Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Periscope, or YouTube.

Like Station

Set up a table or area after the worship service where parishioners can “like” your church Facebook page or Instagram profile. All you need is some computers or tablets, and friendly helpers.

Tech Help Desk

Set up a tech help desk at the coffee hour.

Church Selfie

Set up a selfie photo booth!


Encourage BYOB (bring your own Bible) via phone, tablet, or e-reader.

Social Media Sunday

How social media savvy are you? What about your congregation and its leaders? On the last Sunday in September, churches around the world are invited to playfully explore these questions.  Social Media Sunday is an ecumenical effort to share the good news about building community online. This annual event gives faith communities an opportunity to consider how to reach out online, digitally welcome people, and share their story.

Social media continues to be an important area for churches to consider. First impressions online are so essential, yet so fleeting. Church websites and social media posts can convey so much vibrancy for active and engaged congregations. Quick glances make viewers think, “This is a place where I can be a part of something!”

Social Media Sunday can easily integrate into worship, fellowship time, or even beyond with faith formation opportunities. This designated Sunday, while important, should be the first of many times that you ask those in the pews to interact with the church on social media.