Zoom Meeting Best Practices

Hosting a video conference call is very similar to hosting an in-person meeting! Sarah Stonesifer Boylan and Chris Decatur went over best practices and introductions for creating good community opportunities for Zoom video meetings. Meetings online can feel isolating and distant; how can we setup and host gatherings that are welcoming? Chris and Sarah shared things to plan for and keep in mind as you gather your communities for connection and fellowship.


Topics in Webinar

  • The why 
  • Zoom Basics
  • Webinar v. Meeting
  • Best Practices
  • Creating Community
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Recommended Group Norms
  • About Breakout Groups

Webinar Documents

Suggested Group Norms

  • Use earbuds or headphones
  • On Mute when not talking
  • Limited eating/drinking
  • Concept of being “on-deck” as designated by group facilitator
  • Chat is a way to ask questions at the moment, don’t need to interrupt presentation
  • Brady Brunch/Grid is the way to go!
  • Watch your airtime
  • Agendas should be sent out in advance
  • Use your screenshare!